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Ivan Hull, owner and creator of Australian Design + Marketing, has been introducing Australian designers to the U.S. market for three decades.

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ADAM’s newest Australian products are French & American Oak Platters.   Australian sculptors run the cooper’s craft in reverse and breathe a second, artful life into French Oak wine casks. By disassembling the clever puzzle of steam-bowed oak ribs and cambered end pieces, these artisans have created a range of Provence Platters (shown) and our NEWLY INTRODUCED, one of a kind Vintage Collection. All bear authentic Cooper’s marks, many thirty or more years old, and fitted with rugged wrought iron hand-forged hardware.    The surfaces are food-safe: finished with copious layers of high grade beeswax to a quiet luster perfectly in step with the simple authenticity of an afternoon cheese picnic or tapas platter.

"The best friend on earth of man is the tree. When we use the tree respectfully and economically, we have one of the greatest resources on the earth."

- Frank Lloyd Wright

The Provence Platter begins as an oak in a French or American forest. 

Coopers hew the wood and stack it in the open air, continuously dampening and curing it for years before handcrafting the planks into oak wine casks. Wine typically ages in the barrel for four years, receiving the oak’s distinctive flavor.  When the oak's flavor diminishes, Australian Marketing + Design reclaims the barrel heads, running the coopers's craft in reverse. 

The result is a beautiful platter for wine and cheese, grapes, fine meats and bread. The Provence Platter is perfect for entertaining, or for giving as a unique birthday or wedding gift. Make it your wonderful Wedding gift this summer, and serve the roast from this reclaimed design.

To have platters shipped today, please e-mail provenceplatters@gmail.com, or call 917 881 6644. We ship FedEx Ground from New York City same day if the order is placed by 1 p.m. Place FedEx Air orders as late as 4 p.m. for next day delivery.  We sell to 450 fine stores all over the US and Canada. For details about a store in your area, please e-mail or call. 

Please visit annabelingall.com or call us at 917 842 2507 ( orders and customer service )